Building a More Peaceful World

The vision of Brecourt Solutions has brought experienced leaders in business, technology and academia together with members of elite military units and law enforcement. The team's spectrum of expertise includes platform and embedded tech, mechanical engineering, UAS capabilities, AI, marketing, HR, and finance leadership. With decades of hard-earned experience and the contributions of MIT and Stanford trained engineers, Brecourt Solutions team members are committed to building a more peaceful and free world.

Nate Jesgarz

EVP of Product Development

Nate Jesgarz is one of the inventors of Brecourt Solutions’ patent pending system that leverages the cutting edge of several technologies to revolutionize security from the threat of an active shooter. Nate’s educational background is in

the social sciences where he learned the benefit of diverse experiences and innovative thinking. With a BA in History and Political Science, Nate is a highly effective communicator and analyst. Nate served in the U.S. Navy for more than a decade, where through direct experience, he developed technical expertise with a broad array of systems and equipment and an understanding of balancing the needs of the operator with the requirements of the mission. While in the Navy, Nate was a helicopter crew chief and rescue swimmer, and has received numerous awards for his leadership and organizational skills. Currently, Nate is Director of Product Development at Brecourt Solutions and is committed to applying innovative technologies and sound problem solving to be a force multiplier for military, law enforcement and security professionals.

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Ryan Jarvis

Chief Aviation Officer

Ryan is an experienced professional in military special operations, private security, and law enforcement communities. As a former Naval Aviator (pilot), US Naval Special Warfare unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) officer in charge, and a military

law enforcement professional, he has developed and honed various invaluable skills including impeccable written and spoken communication. As a 20- year Navy veteran, he brings a wealth of knowledge in the Tactical UAV space. He has trained OGA’s in the usage of unmanned UAS tactics, educating these US government forces on successfully deploying mission critical solutions in various obscure environments. Ryan attended Cornell University and Colorado Technical University, studying Project Management and Business Administration. Ryan is committed to building solutions from the USA, and currently the Chief Aviation Officer at Brecourt Solutions, as well as the President of Sky Wolf Solutions.

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Kal Walkden

Fractional Chief Technology Officer

Kal Walkden is a hands-on technologist with 25+ years of experience leveraging technology and teams to grow companies to their next level. He is a results-oriented, principled leader with a proven ability to build highly productive happy teams that drive growth, improve effectiveness, and leverage

technology to gain a competitive advantage. He has led multiple companies through securing funding and acquisitions. He was developing software professionally before the Internet was a household name and has been a leader in organizations ranging in size from start-ups to behemoths like IBM and Philips Electronics. He holds a Master's degree in parallel and distributed computing from Northwestern University as well as a Bachelors in Computer Engineering from Northwestern University.

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Kristen Early

Fractional Head of Human Resources

Kristen has nearly 30 years of leadership experience across Human Resources, HR Shared Services, HR Operations, Global Payroll, and HRIT in global multi-billion-dollar organizations. Kristen is a believer in making work easier, more efficient and eliminating waste. She likes to problem solve and enjoys

coming up with creative solutions.

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Sabri Sansoy

Engineering AI and Robotics

Sabri is an MIT grad and US Air Force veteran who specializes in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. He’s worked in every industry from entertainment to agricultural tech and competes on the Discovery Channel show Battlebots. Currently, he’s the senior robotics consultant at Kane Robotics

and one of 3 founders of, which is a for profit organization to help New Mexico businesses integrate Artificial Intelligence. is one of the key enablers of the New Mexico Energy Technology Incubator. He has built autonomous paintball gun robots that would detect and fire at humans for a Ridley Scott project entitled AI vs Humans. For IBM & fashion design firm Marchesa he helped create their world publicized “Cognitive Dress,” vetting and integrating the ‘dress technology’ that wirelessly communicated in real time with Watson’s Tone Analyzer. Shortly before that, Sansoy helped Deutsch Advertising bring to life Volkswagen’s innovative A.I. ad campaign “Unleash Your RRR", which allowed users to create their own virtual test drive of a Golf R by vocalizing car sounds into their computer. Sabri has been interviewed by Wired and Adage magazines and has spoken at several events including Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s MAKE IT IN LA, Silicon Beach Fest, the AWWWARDS Conference, Fast Company Innovation Festival, VIVA Technology Paris, CES Las Vegas, World Manufacturing Conference in Hefei China and most recently, to the New Mexico State Legislature County Assessors conference.

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Brad Allen

US Army Veteran, Airborne Ranger

For over 25 years Brad has delivered significant measurable performance gains across Fortune 100 and Private Equity Companies. His demonstrated ability to lead teams, develop people, quickly grasp and interpret complex business issues, communicate and align improvement strategies

and tactics, has delivered millions of dollars in new product commercialization and improved performance. Prior to coming to Brecourt, Brad has held multiple positions in sales, manufacturing, and operations, thriving at the buyer supplier-partner interfaces. He has an extensive level of experience and expertise working with senior leaders to make meaningful impact developing and commercializing new business, driving speed to market and delivering sustainable value across the entire value chain. He is a principled, trusted business advisor, teammate and change agent, helping to build and transform organizations. Brad is also a US Army Veteran, Airborne Ranger and graduate of the United States Military Academy.

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Erick Fettingis

Vice President of Business Development

Erick Fettingis joined Brecourt Solutions with the aim of spearheading the growth, design, and development of our Business Development department. With close to two decades of experience in sales, leadership, and development, Erick brings a wealth of expertise to our team.

Throughout his career, Erick has consistently excelled in sales roles, earning recognition as the top salesperson in various companies. This success propelled him into leadership positions, where he has led organizations from inception to success. Notably, his leadership led one organization to be ranked second-best in its industry by Forbes magazine. Outside the office, Erick enjoys exploring the great outdoors through hiking adventures. He also channels his creativity into drawing and practicing guitar, despite humbly admitting his skills may not be at the expert level. Additionally, Erick is a published poet, showcasing his diverse interests and talents.

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Larissa Espinosa

Director of Data Operations

Larissa is a seasoned technical leader with over 25 years of IT and software management experience. She has managed technical teams and projects for several industries including entertainment, energy, restaurant, and high-speed data. As a Systems Engineer and Director of Data Operations

at Brecourt Solutions, she brings years of experience in Data Engineering, Software Development, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence and Network Architecture. Prior to joining Brecourt Solutions, Larissa led the BI Engineering team and Data Operations group at Fandango, a unit of NBCUniversal. Prior to joining Fandango, Larissa was the Engineering and Operations Manager for Ameresco Intelligent Systems, an energy sustainability platform. At AIS, she managed multiple teams, including Software Development, Engineering, Quality Assurance, IT, and Support Services.

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Alexander Saunders

Software Engineer

Alexander’s life journey uniquely combines the discipline of a former army medic with the cutting-edge world of drone technology. His path from the structured life of military service to the forefront of software engineering for drones is both unusual and inspiring. Alexander brings a meticulous

attention to detail to his work, a trait honed during his years in the army, and now applied to developing software solutions that enhance drone capabilities. Drones are more than just a professional interest for him; they are a passion, offering a blend of technology, creativity, and the freedom to explore the skies. Outside of his innovative pursuits, Alexander finds joy and balance in life with his two dogs, Brone and Charlie, exploring the outdoors and embarking on new adventures. Join Alexander on this journey, where discipline and passion soar to new heights, unlocking the potential of drones in ways yet to be discovered

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Stefan Amundarian

UAS Engineering

Stefan assists in the development, manufacturing, engineering, design, operation, and training on our Unmanned Aircraft Systems. Stefan has over half a decade of experience in the field, operating UAVs commercially. He holds a Bachelors degree in Aeronautical Management Technology with a focus

in Unmanned Aerial Systems from Arizona State University. Stefan's father was an officer in the United States Air Force, spending time on base and viewing the yearly air shows at Westover AFB spurred his love for aviation, which has guided his passion for UAS.

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