Firearm Threat.

Brecourt's transformative technologies disrupt firearm violence by being proactive, rather than reactive.

We disrupt not to create chaos, but to develop non-lethal solutions towards lethal threats. Our technologies provide integrated systems for law enforcement, work, education, and entertainment, impacting every facet of life across every industry.

Brecourt operates at the intersection of technology and humanity to meet this moment of unprecedented change and violence.

High Threat Response System (HTRS)

Our High Threat Response System combines computer vision, autonomous flight, and next generation A.I. technology to detect and engage firearm threats and active shooter situations.

While other solutions monitor and detect weapons, our HTRS is the only technology that can act on that threat, instantaneously deploying a drone swarm to malfunction the weapon, substantially closing the current gap between threat detection and law enforcement response.

Because our drones target the weapon, Brecourt's HTRS is safe in any environment, making this a solid solution for K-12 schools, high school and college campuses, retail stores and outlets, government, and commercial spaces, etc.

Human in the Loop (HITL): Once a threat has been detected, a notification allows the client to authorize or prevent the drone swarm. Once approved, our patent pending drones immediately pursue, and safely engage and malfunction the firearm.

Contact Us to learn more about HTRS. If you are an accredited investor and would like to learn more about this innovative technology or are interested in a demonstration, send us an Investor Inquiry from our Contact Us page.

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